Who Is GBM$oSS aka Mr.So?

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Growboymusic is a diverse music collective hailing from Vallejo, California; residing in Humboldt County, California.

The group assembled in 2014 in Eureka, the principal city and the county seat of Humboldt. Promoting peace and positivity, Growboymusic continues to ascend to the top of Northern California's underground musical hierarchy.

Providing California with great music and good vibes the collective sustains these principles and accolades with more to come.

GBM$oSS, (aka Mr.So) leads as the headliner of this dynamic collaborative, setting a trend all his own, paving a musical highway from Humboldt County to his native city Vallejo, California and beyond.

The City (31 miles north of San Francisco), procured notoriety with its staggering crime rates and the illustrious hyphy movement in the early 2000's. The territory breeds some of the most prominent artists in Northern California history. Mac Dre, all of Thizz Camp (Dubee), and E-40 initiated an ample shift in the Bay Area, becoming pillars of reverence throughout the entire state.

Growing up in the heart of it all, GBM$oSS relished in the likes of these virtuoso's; clinging to the intimations and influences of his OG's and the streets while continuing to cultivate and nurture a sound all his own.

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